Water. Omnipresent, thin drops between the letters.
She doesn't care where the world is going.
All that moves her is the moon.
But She is far away, so that no one dares to change Her nature and meaning.
Want?! She will be what you need.
Ferry, a cloud of hail, drops in the wind, or morning frost to melt and hide in the shadows.
No matter how you try to understand Her secrets, it is easier to destroy the whole world and build it again.
You can easily imitate her, but, alas, you can never become her.
Because She is infinity and all-encompassing Love.
Humble, extraordinary, running into the distance towards you if you are waiting for her.
Without it, this world is like without light - one cannot distinguish the colors of halftones, meanings lose their veil, revealing the madness from the indifference of the walls.
You can search a lot, delve deeper and create.
The only scary thing is to lose track of Her forever...

Canvas. Oil.
50x70 September 2023