Podnyavshis nad sobornostyu dushi

From the versatility of shades of white and blue shadows,
We ask a lot in prayers, covering our eyes with tears.
We look through hope into future days and nights.
And in sincerity we yearn to drown, if only to save the whole world.
Here the temple stands, and there are countless icons in it.
And goodness fills lost hearts from within with all that spiritual,
What do we lose in search of the mundane and evil, fighting for the right to be someone.
And in this stampede, swearing, we hypocritically show agility, living in a gap with morality, honesty and honor.
So why do many lost destinies at the crossroads, do not realize the simple truth?!
Living according to our faith and actions, we get “God is with you” in the back.
And everything that we have sinned - we carry our cross and give to the children that we could not know before Golgotha, to repent, having paid our debts-lessons.
To be more human now is out of hand ...
And for someone, everything he read now is just someone's lines ...

Canvas. Oil.
May 50x60, 2023