In those days when it's hard and sad,
And the cold faces on the streets are trying to penetrate the heart with emptiness -
Take time to enjoy a cup of tea with the one who gave all of herself to Music!
She is friendly, smiling and deep!
Having enveloped the centuries with its aura, it will give after-sounds without falseness!
No one knows what will happen next in this life, but you can definitely believe in the power of the sounds of the sky!
And therefore, to which end the world would not strive into the abyss, no matter how it destroys itself, and whoever rules it, was or was not - only Faithful is full of harmony!
There is unrestraint and romanticism in it!
Love, hope, faith in salvation!
And every day as the Power of Resurrection for the suffering wounded soul that came from the wilderness and darkness to fill itself with musical light!
And Faithful to all her convictions - she will share the chorus and verse, giving birth to warmth in every sound!
Meeting between the banks on the bridge!

Canvas. Oil. 601х701
March 2022