There are no identical days.
Every day brings us closer to the “total” line.
What will happen to everyone?
There are even those in the world who, without thinking, make a grimace and say "nothing."
And, believe me, there is no desire to touch the line for many years!
Some will even cry, never wanting to feel it.
Could this be the main problem?
The boy searched a lot, conquered his fears!
He was afraid to lose - he lost without looking back!
And then the barriers and frames were exposed,
What was hidden behind fears and emptiness.
The paradox of the situation is that when we are afraid of something -
Let's close our eyes to this!
We do not touch, sincerely believing that the pain will kill us,
or feelings that overwhelm.
But fearlessness is terribly stronger!
For we gain that power that rises above walls, frames, feelings and all the values ​​​​of the world!
And at such moments, in order not to harm and feel the measure of everything,
You need to see touch with all your mind, heart, soul,
And listen to the unity and harmony reigning around!
After all, these are live streams.

Canvas. Oil. 140x90
August 2022