Having dived into the plane from snow-white snowdrifts, I, as if having fallen asleep for the whole flight, found myself thousands of kilometers from home.
And in the summer they carry sandals, to those places that seem to be familiar all their past lives.
Colors infinity and hot sun.
It was as if someone inside me suddenly brought order in a dream, changing the burnt out light bulbs.
Yes, and the workers, too, that on the stage of events, like a ramp, they gave illumination to everything.
And also, all the same other took away a lot of thoughts and the severity of thoughts.
It makes no sense to run all over for warm clothes. How to seek before - how to satiate yourself.
Through the heat, you only strive to find two sips of that cool water that in the morning there was a desire to warm ...
How generously this region is rich in bright colors.
It is possible to decompose the world into thousands of different shades in greenery.
You can find endless blue or ripples in the sky.
Pass through the plantations of lilies on a boat to the pier, and returning to Siberia, remember all this for a year ...
Who is that bright magician who changed the colors of the world in me ?!
Be so kind, do not change all the past into a dull color, leave ...
And through the winter days, I want to feel all the shades of snow and icicles that under the sun tend to invite a drop of spring to my native land.

Canvas. Oil. 50x60
February 2023