Otec Vyacheslav

When the institution of the family is destroyed and there is no one to teach children about family life
My good old Friend, serve the Fatherland, as you have done many, many times already!
Tell about righteousness and honesty, about honor and conscientiousness in deeds.
Let people feel not fear, but infinite love before God,
That he modestly learned to live in any grain of sand, giving everyone his own name and meaning!
You often develop your thought, which rushes on wings into the distance!
And the stars listen, and with the rays of the sun, the heart feels light with you.
We do not save the eternal soul, the blind one that was put into our bodies with a spark.
We only do those things to ease her path among equals.
You are patient and merciful to the end!
You never hide your face behind a screen of power, dogmatism, puritanism!
There is an important factor in you - the constancy of all virtues and the generosity of love!
So be a guide, giving the keys to the many doors leading to God!
After all, everyone is given a fate-road in which there is a place for everything ...
The world is often in a fever from the blind who have lost the touch of Meru,
And therefore they need an example, such as you - the wisest of fathers ...
My good old Friend, ready to break a loaf of bread with a lost traveler from afar, who heard the words about Faith, Hope, and of course Love ...

Canvas. Oil. 50x70
December 2022