And it happens that you are so passionate,
that his positive is able to reach the heavens.
Everyone who is near at such moments -
with interest they try to delve into the volatility of emotions and words,
As if this is so important for everyone, and needs to be understood:
The sky fills itself with blue.
The wind to become warmer and gently touch, touching all the strings of the soul,
Birds chirp brighter to carry, smells - to concentrate strength.
From the fact that in the picture the cows carefully look and listen -
There is a meaning-interest, comprehensible only to those who were there in those moments!
We got only contact and guesses - what was it about ...))

Canvas. Oil. 50x60
December 2022
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Not every meaning finds instant echoes in the storehouse of the soul, but everyone is given the opportunity to touch the string. The only question is who is tearing and who is trying to barely touch ?! Everything has its time and result ...