Nobody knows their fate.
Today you fell from a flower like a caterpillar,
and tomorrow you will grow wings.
But there are boundaries and frameworks, the conditions of a certain game,
In which the possibilities are specifically limited.
And it doesn’t matter who you are or what country you’re from.
That same predestination is important!
She doesn’t even push towards the cliff, but pulls with all her might.
And when we fall, we all feel the flight.
What gives pleasure is not the presence of wings, but weightlessness.
How beautiful is it for a weightless soul?!
And how heavy are the shackles that bind her to our body...
Probably, knowing your predestination, you can more often think about what cannot be seen, measured and changed.
My predestination does not pull me down with its shackles.
She leaves a small gap into the world where the weightless is the most valuable in the world.
It’s scary to think if it weren’t for the soul being placed in our bodies, but vice versa.
There are enough flies in this world that have inherited wings.
Again - the predestination of  Genesis.

Canvas. Oil.
98x78 March 2024