Poteryannaya lodka

Sometimes, we lose the coast.
We burn bridges in vain.
And sink the ships of hope
Clearly understanding everything, clearly.
No oars, no sails, no rudder.
No helmsman, captain.
Dropping anchors in the bay
Like from the embrace of lies, deceit.
Half afloat, but bottom, practically, in the abyss.
We shout: “For what and why?!”,
And wait for the reasons to come!
They bring new meaning!
They throw everything they haven't eaten into the hold.
And we swim and run again
To love, hope, new faith!

Canvas. Oil. 60x70
July. 2022
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Not every meaning finds instant echoes in the storehouse of the soul, but everyone is given the opportunity to touch the string. The only question is who is tearing and who is trying to barely touch ?! Everything has its time and result ...