Lavka obuvshika. Toskana

A funny smell - flowers growing in pots, glue and leather.
This store is so many years old
Generations change faces, but the most precious thing is the very smell.
Heels click on the steps, or moccasins rustle -
Here we saw different shoes and times.
But no fate wants to change the status of a shoemaker to another!
Winemakers also walk and need shoes.
That's when a girl is born - the whole street is joking!
– Antonio! Will you immediately put her to cut the sole, or will you marry her?!
It happened like that.
The door is open. Come in even if you don't need anything.
Until they called the shoemaker to dinner at home - today he is talkative,
And will tell you a little more than yesterday ...

Canvas. Oil. 45x60
January 2023