Kare yagnenka

And that sermon began with a lamb,
Which just a few hours ago was eating grass.
No one will remember the eyes and bleating in love.
But they praise the cook, who masterfully served 6 ribs,
Having prepared the meat exquisitely and modestly,
To feed the bodies,
Which so zealously peer into spirituality.
Believe me, it is not a sin.
The most terrible are others!
Who, having renounced the worldly, does not think about the frailty of those bodies,
Which their souls will cast off, freed.
They too will be eaten “at their feast” by other creatures,
Which live in the depths of the soil.
The cycle of everything, which Christ spoke about then in the sermon,
Before Easter.
When the lamb was brought from the temple, to rejoice in the meat on the table,
And to drink wine, and bread, and flesh, and blood…

Canvas. Oil.
50x70 June 2024