The soul of the company and sadness.
She laughs the most.
More like a sister than a close friend.
And black and white keys sound.
People and cities are getting old!
Musicians change styles.
She found her calling
Wake up and reveal talents ...
Redheads have a gift - to love the whole world.
Forgive, fly through delirium and falsehood!
Shine with generosity
And live without worrying - what's next ?!
Be happy my sister!
What else to wish?! Don't know.
The world of music lives in you!
I love. Kiss. Hugs!

Canvas. Oil. 60x80
November 2022
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Not every meaning finds instant echoes in the storehouse of the soul, but everyone is given the opportunity to touch the string. The only question is who is tearing and who is trying to barely touch ?! Everything has its time and result ...