Padshij angel

She cut her wings to know her love for a mere mortal man, who seemed to her to be kind, gentle and sympathetic.
But he is just a man, with inherent ups and downs. Will she be able to carry her love through ordinary human life until the end of her days no matter what, in order to return to where she came from ?! How many of these angels are next to us ?! Passion, love, insights, inspirations, adoration, admiration, unbridled striving and much more….

Canvas. Oil. 60x80
December. 2021
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Не каждый смысл находит мгновенно отголоски в хранилище души, но каждому дано задеть струну. Вопрос лишь в том, кто рвёт, а кто старается едва соприкоснуться?! Всему есть своё время и итог...