And in Hell today there was pea soup with stew.
Bad joke about wasted years.
Although, I was often hated! Apparently, this is nature.
Steel ropes of the nervous system are tied into a scarf around the neck.
To be one more drop kinder for everyone?!
Nonsense! These drops fall into the cup of patience
And all doubts or indecision -
a coin in the piggy bank of someone else's opinion.
Nobody cares about a broken back, problems, health.
The main thing - you can use it - call it love,
And in endless covens and crush
Look for a happy corner of peace and quiet.
What for me, or for me - the belts no longer hold me,
And freedom mixed with blood.
Where is the real one who wants to shelter and caress
The one that looks like Satan, but is still vulnerable,
And ready to turn the world inside out
If only she was truly loved for that,
That fiery dawns have already passed,
water bumps and floods,
Copper pipes rattled like coins
Who fell today for pea soup.
Or do you only count bitches?!
In love there is no floor, just like there is no ceiling!
Know how to appreciate what is next to you, while ...

Canvas. Oil. 140x90
September 2022