Zhivushie v peskah

Living in the sands do not demand in return.
Everything that is rich today - tomorrow can turn into decay.
The hot, deadly embrace of the desert dissolves many concepts and disputes.
That is why all the talk about everything, but not the sands!
And if some metaphorically compare life in the desert with life next to the ocean,
- everything that the water has taken - is carried to the bottom.
The sand remains after the storm, absorbing villages, villages and cities.
Here the caravaneer collects on a long journey a string of those
who measures time with the gait of camels.
And the girl with the jug hears the muezzin's chant.
And a friend is sedately waiting for her order.
This time they stayed at home.
Why the camel is immensely happy
for lying in the shade and eating grapes from your hands is many times more pleasant,
Than to look for a handful of evil thorns in the middle of the desert,
Reviving in the evening to all that tried to hide in the sand during the day.
And so he gently steps with silence, exuding joy in every hair,
Absorbing all the shadows of hidden corners.
Those who live in the sands do not demand in return, for they themselves do not wear any fetters ...

Canvas. Oil. 90x140
October 2022