Ovoshnaya lavka. Indiya.

The son of equal two clans: father Ashan (Lord Shiva) and mother Shanaya (the first ray of the sun), Ayush, may the path of life be long.
It is high time to move from Calcutta to Bangalore to live with my sister and brother.
But year after year, thoughts are sown that it is easier where one was born than the bustle of large and strange places, in which the race for money is higher than peace of mind.
Ayush has been eating a little for a long time, trying to maintain austerity in everything that makes him rejoice with happiness.
And it is in this consciousness of Being that he is happy that everyone he loves and fears for their lives is alive to this day.
Isn’t it a gift from the Almighty for keeping a shop where beggars pray more often than give money?!

Canvas. Oil. 70x100
June 2023