Vinogradnik. Kataloniya.

God tasted the wine.
He drank a lot, savoring the aromas,
dry notes that reveal meaning, the bottomlessness of Existence, which carries anxieties about the future, and a lot of what is drowned in wine!
He created a drink that turns disputes into Truth, and pain into joy, bringing oblivion and grace.
Then he came up with a sommelier, just for fun.
So that those who come can hear about the wine that they will taste, enslaving to the guilt of their own imperfection!
After all, the tears of grapes, after a short period of time, become wine.
And even if these tears have been waiting for a long time, their sustained taste is like a given, a fact, a story that happened once!
Everything can be repeated, but not wine.
And the sommelier will talk about the slopes, bathed in the rays of the sun. About the astringency of wine, which reveals its own bouquet only with oxygen saturation. There will be hints of cloudlessness, lack of precipitation, even soil in which there are bones of former inhabitants, coniferous trees, and of course limestone.
What do you all know about wines and the end of the journey?!
You don’t understand that before acceptance you don’t need to nod your head, saying “I like it.” It'll do. Pour it in,” or “don’t like it. The mood is not the same. Bring me some new wine...
You need to grow up to accept that reality in a bottle that languished with the tears of grapes!
And the sommelier takes the divine drink he didn’t like into the darkness, only hiding a smile with the corners of his lips, like the Demiurge.
He knows what awaits all those who refused to drink the gift of Genesis!
A difficult path through the thorns of loss.
So listen, Friend, poet, artist, businessman, sister or brother!
When they offer you something that God has already tried and sealed the gift, falling to the bottom like a tear -
Be sensitive to the storyteller who accidentally told you when and where the grape variety from which God created wine grew...
And if the taste is too tart, and it seems that the pages are suddenly stuck together - you can’t make out all the words - dilute your drink with water, as all the inhabitants of the earth have done for centuries...

Canvas. Oil.
64x45 October 2023