My good old friend sent me this view.
It has peace, harmony, inviolability and lightness.
The murmur of the river, the noise of grasses, in the distant haze, the forest beckons.
Peace on earth and heaven! There is not a hint of bad thoughts and absurdity.
And it seems that flowing water is able to resurrect,
When you try to drink a life-giving sip of coolness.
And in this silence there is no sadness and longing, no matter how hard you try!
My good old friend sent me this view,
After this early morning I received from him the same,
Like a bound man lying face down
Other men, without explaining anything, suddenly cut off the balls ...
It's funny to get such jokes in the morning without an announcement.
And to think what's going on with the heavens?!
Save me Lord from all enemies and those who hate,
For the friends we love will finish us off themselves!

Canvas. Oil. 60x100
August 2022