Morskoj Nikolskij Sobor

Do I need to say a thousand words to leave?!
If love settled in the hearts, then there was nowhere to run,
Everything! Sailed! They got sick of each other.
Only in the pool of eyes can you find a harbor, dissolve and get lost!
Lovers are separated by reasons, like stripes at the crossroads.
And then groundless doubts arise, and everything suddenly becomes far from simple.
In these difficult days there is a cure - magical sounds,
What will warm, make you burn with love,
reaching out through space to each other endless hands.
We whisper them, shout them, choking on partings and distances that crush us from the inside.
And we try to ask in these words -
find my trace in the sky, and look into the eyes through the stars.
"I love you" - capacious three words, but it emanates from them both with hope and faith!
You can multiply them, dissolving barriers, hardships, drowning them in immeasurable freedom!
There is only the main secret of these words!
They need to be repeated from the other side, like an echo.
And there will be communication on both sides stronger than bridges, ships!
Like at the sea St. Nicholas Church-Cathedral - standing without anchors,
At his endless post for more than a century.
If these words are heard “I love you too”, “uh-huh” or “mutually” as often happens ...
The connection between souls is quickly lost, goes out, withers and disappears...

Canvas. Oil. 80x100
November 2022