Monotheism and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)
Two facts that gave Islam hope and deep meaning!
Pilgrims come to Mecca to worship the house of God - the Kaaba.
There are no more idols around. Powerful eyes of the Arabs.
And the chant caresses the ear with soulful melismas in intonations,
And the meaning of the words that are so ornate, like ligature on the walls.
Five times a day they try to hear the heart in silence.
When there are millions of prayers, prayer gives unity and delight!
Gently on your knees. Looking through clean hands palms.
And performing ablutions with the spirit in order to touch eternity with the eyes.
There is no more blessed and more desirable path than the one in which the Hajj is performed,
We find direction for the soul that descended from heaven
And waiting for human life, when the gates of the divine paradise open...

Canvas. Oil. 80x100
August 2022