And Mukuru (the Supreme Being) has nothing to do with it!
You have so many decorations...
The Ohumba (large white shell on the neck) saw seven mothers.
And you have long been ripe for adulthood.
Tell me, what are these rings that resemble a chain in front of the face of each Himba?!
These are circles of life, like roots.
She lied, as everyone does.
You can share your body with someone who wants to please.
You can give birth to a child not from your husband.
Betray the tribe and go to cities where life and laws are different.
You can stop smiling at the sun and this world.
But, a chain?!
Like a reminder that is always before your eyes -
Never forget about freedom!
Never rejoice in victories!
Don’t take something that will weigh on your soul later.
Remember where you come from and where you should be, for your ancestors gave you this life like a burden,
Which inevitably needs to be given away!
And this chain is an indestructible connection, without which you are a cow straying from the herd,
Which is destined for other, heavier chains of slavery.
You are free! But remember this all your life, looking at the simple decoration near your face...

Canvas. Oil.
70x80 November 2023