Siena. Italiya.

It doesn't matter who the city is named after.
Among the noble Italians were Senius and Asky - the children of Rem, who “remained” the brother of Romulus.
In other stories there is a place for the Etruscans, who left traces hundreds of years before our era.
To some extent, the city was freer than Rome, with its rights and desires to rule this world.
Florence was second only to Siena in all its economic, spiritual, political affairs, and even for art, becoming the focus of artists in the trecento (Renaissance) era.
As they built notably, so they clashed notably: nobles, merchants, common people ...
But, in life, every torch goes out, leaving behind the hope to shine again someday.
Siena now gives rise to depth for tourists, delighting with stories, meanings and commas, which emphasizes the ambiguity of Genesis, and a lot of what many tend to forget.
After all, it is easier to live when there is no burden on the soul?!
Among the fields and vineyards, in the province of Tuscany, stands Siena - a city that is three thousand and who knows how many years already ...

Canvas. Oil. 50x60
May 2023