Dve epohi (Cochem. Germany)

Sometimes everything seems to us - with each new day we climb higher and higher.
As if leaving the past far behind - we stretch our hands to Your heaven!
God! How sometimes we are mistaken, believing in the old tricks, and not worldly miracles!
Many paths lead to the top of the mountain.
Time froze over her, waiting for those who came.
Someone washed and hung out the linen, as before, and it seems
If we listen closely, we can hear the clatter of axes.
There, at the top of the mountain. That era, imperceptibly gone.
Now refrigerators, radios are noisy, mobile phones are crackling in every pocket.
The world has become riddled with waves invisible to our eyes.
But miracles begin closer than anywhere else.
If you listen, then here and now, somewhere here.
Between eras, and between lines, just refine your perception,
And it all boils down...

Canvas. Oil. 40x60
November 2022