Dva tabureta v Belladzhio

There is a seat at the table. Free.
Loneliness loves space, and is tolerant, at times, to leading fuss around.
But in love, to look for the edge of permanence means to find the only, infinite, that one.
Among the many faces accelerating the run, we try on: habits, lifestyle, ossified callousness.
Therefore, after forty-five - we choose: away from everyone, quieter, everything is too specific,
We hate when weightlessness.
You can sit next to each other or opposite each other.
Drink wine in equal sips, dreaming of a warm bed and sex.
And not to see someone who is ready to share his whole life with you.
Marvelous! But, only two stools standing at the entrance to the cafe are a symbol of closeness and unity.
Running in for a moment to drink coffee on the fly,
You will quickly meet the one that sits on another stool,
Than those who have been drinking wine at the table for a long time.
The beauty of joy in summer and the proximity of two wooden pedestals,
On which there is only a place for bodies, and not the principles of life, illusions of wealth and self-sufficiency,
Loneliness is for whom ...

Canvas. Oil. 40x60
January 2023