Ansi. Franciya.

The edge of culture is the legacy that we leave behind.
"Venice of the Alps", Annecy, built at the junction of three borders,
From time to time and individuals, he has incorporated a huge layer of culture.
Switzerland, Italy and France - fighting for the estate of Savoy, tried to protect from plunder and vandalism that which in our time pleases the hearts, rejoicing at how they integrated three differently worthy cultures, leaving from the paving stones to the palace in the same place.
And there were coups that changed power.
And these places were touched by that misfortune.
But the realization that this remains for centuries to descendants is stronger than steel, harder than words, more sparkling than the mind.
Freedom is not in the material world!
There is even a castle here, and that prison ...))

Canvas. Oil. 40x50
February 2023