Zolotoj most. Vetnam.

Like threads growing from the ground
With hands up to the sky, swiftly upturned.
Whoever walks on it feels the beat of life.
Clouds float by, enveloping with wet breath.
And suddenly, it will seem to someone that it is pleasant and majestic to soar above the earth, like Gods -
the reason that the creator of the bridge felt.
Only a few are given to realize that the hands outstretched to the sky, holding the bridge, which was not called “golden” for nothing,
Only a smile playing on the vanity of those who do not look at the starry sky.
A bridge, like that pedestal on a mountain that allows everyone to rise above the rest.
And see all the beauty that is visible only from heaven.
But not more!
Everyone who was there has not risen yet!

Canvas. Oil. 45x45
March 2023