Ikona Svyatoj Georgij (Yurij) Vsevolodovich

There are people who meet on the path of life,
sent by heaven.
They are given to be: keepers of secrets, a source of movement, a good mood and even a bright day.
But they also need us, like heaven in the earth, which absorbs moisture, times, events and meanings.
And no matter how difficult it is for us at the next stage-turn, we remember each other, as if we read minds - alive, then close!
That friendship has no limits and barriers.
And every time the eyes burn with joy at the meeting.
I will note only one thing - the talent to be a true friend is incomparable with others!
I am very glad that in this world, among the many passers-by in parallel, there is You!
May your saint keep and protect you throughout all the years!
And I will pray for those who do not have you yet ...

Tree. Oil. 50x60
March 2023