Meteora. Greciya.

What could be more beautiful than a view of the city from the height of a soaring bird?!
400 meters above the worldly life and stingy fuss.
I'm long overdue for a visit, but I bow my knees to the time.
Here, the Temple of John the Baptist, the beloved dervish of those greedy for Truth, is carved into the rocks.
The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity hid its monastery and peace.
And only the afflicted will keep the path here,
To someday remember how easy it is to fall into the abyss, and how difficult it is to count the steps under your foot.
All Meteora covered itself with Orthodox monasteries.
Memory and respect for the past - what fathers leave behind for their daughters and sons.
We carry our feet on the immortal wind on the way to eternity.
In order to feel God in oneself during life, and His gift is to be in humanity…

Canvas. Oil. 40x50
March 2023