Cerkov u holma

Sometimes life goes downhill on all fronts.
And in the depths, left face to face with their problems -
We come to the Creator not for a solution, but just like that,
After all, He is deaf to those who ask more often than anyone.
It is in these moments that our true faith in Him, ourselves, and those around us is tested.
There are temples that have grown in the mountains!
To which you need to climb to the top.
The same church stands in the lowland for those who have nowhere to rush or fall.
The unity of consciousness with the soul is the true purpose of such places.
Perhaps, among thin candles and the smell of incense, each of us realizes -
Who is he to himself?
Drifter?! Teacher?! A wise man who has done a huge amount of stupid things in life,
To see for yourself?
There are no priests in this temple who frighten with hell.
But they love him for that very unity, and not for the crowd standing just because
That someone needs it.

Canvas. Oil. 70x110
October 2022
N. and M. Sobolev