Vtoroe dyhanie.

The baking breathes twice.
The first time - rising under a snow-white towel, while still a test.
A second wind - fresh baked goods.
It’s the same with people.
Some smell like the freshness of just picked raspberries. Others are like the crust of bread.
It would seem that they were just pulled out of the oven, but they were already broken from the first contact.
And I?!
I love the totality.
It's like a debate between optimists and everyone else, no matter how many there are!
The warmth of the meeting, the hot crumb, the crispy crusts, and the hopelessness of pleasure!
Raspberry smiles at the light with its inner echoes!
She is not yet a stew that has spread in hot pursuit.
This is just an excuse...

Canvas. Oil.
64x52 May 2024