Vtoroe dyhanie

The sky fell into the river, becoming fluffy snow.
Seagulls are circling, and I would like to hide a green scarf.
A rare sun flared up like love before you.
And I measure the bridges over the Neva with quick steps.
Somehow mildly chilly in the city of gold.
The lions swallowed the choppers, they are looking in the thick fog -
The herbs fell asleep, they do not whisper. The blue ox flew south.
If you had not fallen in love, it would have been completely longing.
There would be dark nights in white dawn eyes.
Fairy tales in the morning did not dream, and you woke up in tears.
But I burst in with a bouquet, at the ready, c'est la vie.
Like a chocolate candy, you are on my chest.
The sky fell into the river. In the distance the clouds run again
In St. Petersburg, two people met love again ...

Canvas. Oil. 60x110
December 2022