Osennie luchi

Autumn rays no longer warm
but the riot of colors of falling asleep nature tends to be kept in memory.
We can talk a lot about Indian summer, frost in the morning,
About the lulling of foliage, and stunted grasses, under the hoarfrost bowed the sails.
Flies lazily barrage the space, slowly, but, nevertheless,
Seeking to find places where you can sleep without worries
and be untouched by anyone or anything ...
Relaxed lethargy of the spirit, tearfully whispering - cold is coming soon.
Already in the morning in the puddles the water is covered with thin ice,
And the steam comes from everything that got from the heat.
Autumn rays are not a prank, but a reminder of
That every day in its countless immodest repetitions -
Only a leaf that is filled with the glow and colors of flowers,
Gradually turning into ashes.
And the snow is not far away. And they will be freezing cold.
Autumn rays - the smile of mimosa, long asleep,
They give transience to everything ...

Canvas. Oil. 60x80
October 2022