Plate. Veneciya.

Think what you want.
I made this dress myself.
And it's not about the pattern or figure,
By the way, I still have it very much ...
It's all about the material.
It was given to me a very long time ago.
Surprisingly, the fabric of mood -
She changes color like corals
But chooses a shade so that it stands out everywhere, even at night.
Isn't it the absolute ego?!
Doesn't everyone want that?!
There is only one small nuance -
You should always be in a good mood and positive.
Otherwise, the opposite happens - people, cars, and even acquaintances do not notice you.
Here's how.
Everything has its drawbacks.
You all think what you want!
I'm in Venice, and everything is fine with me ...

Canvas. Oil. 60x100
March 2023