Through the closed circles of space,
In moments, eternity, time...
He penetrated again, like permanence,
When no one around you believes.
And in troubled days, among those running
Behind everyday life and materialism and other things,
Standing in the crowd, invisible to everyone,
And looks into the sky - Again, Father?!
There is no need for them to give the fruit of knowledge -
They have known everything themselves for a long time.
Money has become the measure of life,
Not an analysis of awareness.
Eden is not needed for those who sleep,
And I don’t intend to wake up.
And any temptations -
Given in depth and measure.
The Almighty smiled with sadness again.
- Stay there and come back.
We take away those who are faithful
And the one who is sleeping - well, play.
Their path is thorny, and their hearts are dark.
Until they see the spark of God?!
And the Serpent stood among the people,
Invisible, simple passerby...

Canvas. Oil.
50x70 September 2023