Devushka v hidzhabe

Each of us is the Universe that sent its representative to one of the planets.
They gave him a sleeping consciousness, and awarded the body of a lover of Life.
Many religions seek to humanize and instill that same love for everything around.
And if you, Friend, think that you are an exception - do not believe yourself,
For behind the door of life stands an infinite number of souls -
in need of sleeping or waking consciousness,
Being the sparks of the Creator, who have not hidden their face for a long time,
Since all His faces in each of us are facets,
sometimes so diverse and cross out themselves,
What is difficult to understand the most important thing -
The Supreme Creator of all things is many-sided and all-embracing,
For it is in everything, and we live in Him in the form of microorganisms!
That is why in each of us His spark is our own soul.
But, is it your own? After all, bodies are taken for a while, and the soul is eternal, which means it does not need any salvation, but it cannot belong to mortal bodies, which it changes, dropping here and there, as soon as the biological shell begins to “transmit light” from dilapidation or debris.
As soon as we accept events and people into our heart, and hence our soul,
We start to grow and turn into generous
Since we follow the path of the Creator, who created even those
Who is hated by many from the beginning of his life to the very end.
But the Almighty created them for each of us,
So that we can see the edges and limits of what is permitted,
Realizing the most important postulate -
you have to pay for everything with a part of your immortal and infinite soul!
And no matter where you hurry - if you have sinned - the soul remembers everything!
And after life in this body, after a frank conversation with the Creator -
He will descend again to this Earth to walk with the face and in the body of those
Who did we offend in a past life! Here it is - working off for any sin!
It turns out that we offend ourselves?!
Here it is, yes! Nobody will believe!
This is the most secret -
Only those who see them enter the open doors!
For the rest, it's a clay pot of wine...
Here is a girl dressed in a hijab woven from the petals of the Flower of Life -
Infinity symbols intertwined in a multidimensional pattern.
All our thoughts, dreams, events around us are cyclical petals,
Shaping our humanity through awareness.
No petals are the same in form and content,
As well as days and nights, which often carry a mirror repetition in themselves,
But, shining with the edge of Being every new time,
Like a diamond caught in the sun!
We are not alone in the interweaving of events!
And at every intersection there are many discoveries,
Creating insights in us, the desire to seek and find, or create,
Feeling that same Silver Thread,
Binding the entire universe into a continuous veil,
Under which hides the face.
After all, in the end, it is absolutely not important what each of us is called!
This is the most conceited and controversial for all earthly life - our name is here.
Who looks more often at the stars - ultimately gives up his own "I",
In order to become the Guardian of the Universe and serve, sincerely believing,
That this act "there" will be counted, and will be allowed to leave the sinful Earth,
For further knowledge of the World and its Buildings.
The faster the awakening
The more conscious is the Path among equals and respect for the measure of one's neighbor, and not one's own egocentrism.
After all, in each of us there are angels and demons, and prophets and shaitans,
And if it becomes not enough for us One God, One teacher,
Giving our whole life lessons that test us for the most important result -
If it is not there, we will blame the whole world and the environment for all our troubles!
By condemning someone else's opinion, they will create idols for themselves, and the opposite of the Creator!
The girl looks into the eyes of the Father, and He is reflected in her with his infinite light,
Without depriving anyone of the freedom of choice, while remaining more modest than road dust.
Each of us is the Universe that sent its representative to one of the planets!
Making it possible to feel yourself sleeping,
but wake up from sleep, and become true children of the many-sided Teacher!

Canvas. Oil. 80x100
October 2022