He never argued.
After all, in disputes they interrupt each other more often, not allowing them to complete what both need, since they are arguing over something.
He just told it like it was a story about someone else.
And at some point, those same realizations came.
The walls turned into spaces of the worlds He spoke about.
And only a dark cage between the laying of stones held back from jumping and dissolving in these worlds, clouds, horizons, rays of all the colors of the world.
The voice was simple, without pathos and arrogance.
He sincerely shared what came to him in dreams and visions.
And when they asked Him “why doesn’t He ask for anything in return?!”
He dreamily smiled and, stuck between this and the world and some spiritual, non-material space invisible to us, quietly whispered:
“I got too much. To have time to tell it to you so that you are convinced that it works here as well as there. Too little time to go deep, and so much more to tell...
Someone listened, and forgot already for tomorrow.
Someone was looking for answers and questions to what was said, trying to see confirmation in this world.
After his resurrection and ascension to the All-Father, John, Mary the Mother and Mary Magdalene moved to the city of Sofia.
There they had a great job to realize the magnitude of knowledge, multiplied by the sorrow of the loss of the One whose dreams and visions still excite our mind and heart ...

Canvas. Oil.
100x160 May 2023