History can be rewritten
but it is impossible to stop being a Roman.
And it's not a matter of temperament,
but in the sensations of this world.
The depth of perception is millennia.
Colors represent the destinies of many.
Passers-by are frames...
Each has its own thickness and meaning.
Flowers don't just bloom,
but they run on sunny days.
The Right to Be is the fundamental principle.
There's nothing scary or anything like that,
Which can be scary.
True History remembers everything.
It can be rewritten to please any people or rulers.
You just can't stop time,
Like Rome, which was endlessly rich in miracles.
And remained endlessly gray, warm and melting into the eternity of souls,
Remembering his greatness, and the discontent of the rest of the world.
OK. What more more...

Canvas. Oil.
44x123, April 2024