Kupol Skaly

According to legend, many have the words that they call that place sacred.
From the rock (stone) made his miraj the humble servant of Allah, sent down in order to grant the Koran and a new path in monotheism, who became the last prophet in Islam (may His days be blessed and imprinted in our memory).
The Ark of the Covenant stood on the same stone during the construction of the first temple of Solomon!
There are many legends, tales and stories.
And with each new day, new words are brought here, which, like grains of sand, are lost in the desert, which once became a haven for Hagar and her son Ismail.
The desert is not empty! Her sands hide in their rustle the history of all the lives that have ever passed under the scorching rays.
You and I have enjoyed the most!
There is a lot that you can keep in your soul, trying to feel the whole depth and essence!
And it seems that it doesn't matter anymore - whose intention is more important and more truthful!
For many centuries that the "Rock" stands, we touch the millions of souls who have come to bow to the holy places.
And what is paramount and basic for each of us - the Prophet said - “Allah gave us the freedom of life, in which the plans and interweaving of destinies are visible even to the blind, if only there was a desire to know!
And to follow or not to follow any path - let everyone choose for himself! There are no easy paths! And everything that we have taken into ourselves can no longer be abandoned, forgotten or run away from it somewhere.

Canvas. Oil.
140x90 August 2023