Kusochek spokojstviya

A piece of tranquility - solitude.
Silent consent until the pores of madness.
This is not a feast on Vesuvius
But not a cold bed in a hotel.
A piece of calm is only warm, pleasant and kind,
You will definitely accept and get used to this state!
You can savor it slowly, and always in a whisper.
You can hide from everyone by going beyond the endless rumble.
And in a small world there are such quiet places
In which you do not need to be born, live happily and go to another world.
You can plunge into them for a moment, but always with your head,
Imagining in the silence of calm how the grasses and trees rustle,
And in the evening they echo the bells, but remotely.
As the winds sing in the mountains at night,
And in the morning the rays descend on the clouds,
Bringing the dew, the aromas of fresh coffee and peacefulness,
Not because someone said "either you or me" ...
There is simply no one in this peace.
And even each of us is not someone specific, like “here and now”,
And some “everything and at the same time at once”!
Not leading to ecstasy and other unimaginable forms of Existence.
Intoxication with the colors of sensation is a piece of tranquility….

Canvas. Oil. 40x50
October 2022