The firestarters vanished between light and shadow.
Having learned many meanings, they stopped running from miracles!
You can make the path easy and fast,
Like a shot, stating what has happened and the inevitable.
And you can go slowly, bending down in a bow for the little things,
Of which, all the dullness of everyday life becomes brighter and deeper.
And it often happens on the way - we cling to the stern and sides of everything that lives in the abyss,
Like a sediment that wants to drag us down to the bottom.
Fire cleanses only those who are not angry at these moments,
Forgiving all offenders at once.
After all, the negative that we keep under our bottom - stability gives strength,
With which not everyone copes in times of his weak soul.
Who was resurrected and on the crests of a wave seeks consolation and affection,
He rarely dreams of the day!
With the bottomlessness of days, you can glorify the Almighty, believing
That with every lesson we become a part of His immense soul!
And that purification by fire that tears off the deaf skin,
Carries only insights of the wind.
Do not rush to turn off the heat from flaming coals.
It penetrates love and light through tightly closed eyelids.
And life is filled with true meaning,
Having discarded everything that the wrong people once imposed on you ...

Canvas. Oil. 50x100
December 2022