Vnutrennij sterzhen

Who is this dancing man
Without sharp corners, twisted deftly?!
He has no numbers, no tattoos -
He's free?! Or is it just preparation?
Circumstances are framed.
The world is changing and flowing.
Nobody has any information about the present.
Only History, written by far from sober people,
And always drunk with love and victories,
Rarely remembering those who warned against troubles.
Nobody knows them yet!
If you are Pinocchio, then this is your inner cricket!
He is turned inside out with bare nerves,
To feel pain and life between the lines.
And if it seems to you that the wires are too twisted,
It's hard to find endings.
The inner core lives by its infinity,
Outside of laws, time limits and schedules...

Canvas. Oil. 40x60
September 2022