Chinkve-Terre. Italiya.

Between Genoa and Florence, on the coast of the Ligurian Sea,
You can look at distant shores
That are caressed by the sun and whispering waves.
The world has long forgotten about sails, perceiving any miracles as trivial.
But in this small town every family has their own boat,
And no one considers himself provincial,
Even if you haven't flown anywhere in years.
Yes. There are many beaches and beautiful places,
From wine cellars to heartfelt conversations about everything in the world, including brides...
But, you will definitely remember the streets, immersed in the flowers of growing lemons,
Focaccia is a local "something" between pizza and flatbread.
I've always wondered what's the difference between real food and pesto pasta here,
And why in some places the Italians argue louder than cannons?!
But absolutely everyone agrees on one thing - the sea gives fish and everything from the sea - night and day.
Few fat people
But on the ropes are often large sizes in shorts.
No, after all, they miss the past years here, and of course the sails.

Canvas. Oil. 50x60
February 2023