Luchi nad Gogencollernom

The castle has stood impregnable since the 12th century.
Fabulous places guarding silence.
Among mankind there are many who deserve to be in history, but are they all incorruptible?!
And through your kind to carry with a bright light only one dream?!
The Gegenzollern family is noble and old, showed respect for many rulers and overlords.
But among the many battles, he kept his most important principle - the motto!
In order not to be in defeat or victory, like a pendulum or an amateur -
Don't fight anyone, never fight!
It is possible to forgive the offender something, remaining imperturbable and firm as an oak tree.
Anyone who decides to take away from God will lose everything at once.
Only gratitude broke from those ever asking for something lips ...
The castle, as in a fairy tale, stands - not defeated even once ....

Canvas. Oil. 50x60
April 2023