There is no fear of the defeated monster.
There is a memory of the fallen earlier.
You can be afraid of the unknown and look for a way out in advance,
In which the most important treasure is your own life.
We often run from conflicts and clashes,
Not realizing the main factor -
We are bound to be caught up and hurt.
Therefore, some tribes look openly at the fire,
Uninvited guests bringing change and all that
From which the heart contracts in the chest.
What awaits us ahead - fatalists explain one thing.
But while we are alive and able to feed our fears coming from outside -
No one will be able to cope and destroy that which resists the least!
We give what they want and observe who will digest it faster and spit out the rest.
Even the abyss has weaknesses -
And if we still have desires to plunge into it,
We do this by feeling the flow of waters, time and events.
Sometimes it's easier to live without scientific discoveries and the World Community,
So eager to fuck every atom..

Canvas. Oil. 100x120
October 2022