Tom Yam

There is no richness in the moments of the Present.
But they are the ones who saturate the memory, sometimes
“Having paused” in my head.
All the sharpness in the “here and now” is dulled.
We can play far from ourselves in these scenes,
answering ourselves, often with sarcasm,
because we replay this past thousands of times.
Thousands of words, like a mantra, absorbing the missing facets of insight with each new round of repetition.
And the clarity of what happened no longer weighs on my chest and shoulders.
This is how the broth absorbs all the richness of dreams and the depth of perception.
And we find peace that exudes clarity.
You shouldn’t be afraid of muddy water if the ripples on it are already a symbol and signs of presence...

Canvas. Oil.
64x45 May 2024