Derevnya tkachej . Biberi. Angliya.

Nothing strange, except
that they tried to preserve it in its original condition.
This is a corner of the old reality
In which people are a temporary phenomenon.
We often strive to change something that has already been created by someone else.
Convincing yourself in advance that it will be better this way.
In the village of weavers, the looms have not been working for a long time.
But the sensations and fullness of meaning live on.
In our crazy times, we run senselessly,
Without feeling the heart rhythm, when we are sick, we do not adhere to bed rest.
And life consists of scraps of happiness,
from which we long to sew the patchwork quilt of life.
Here, in “Arlington Row”, they wove linens,
And only then, somewhere out there, in other worlds, times and realities -
They cut and shredded into shreds...

Canvas. Oil.
50x70 December 2023