Mont Saint-Michel

Funny right!
Archangel Michael came in visions to Bishop Ober three times!
Not that the bishop was far from faith,
But, seeing the signs, he did not believe his own eyes, sincerely believing that he was not worthy of tears.
Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the place that the Druids "christened" Mount Grave in honor of the dragon who chose that place for rest and contemplation, the bishop was commanded to build an abbey there.
And the church in the form of a grotto was erected in the hope of forgiveness for what needs to be repeated three times.
Changed flags, years, blood and nobility.
But the awareness of history did not change, in which there is a very rare fact, which it makes no sense for us to classify as a divine arrangement or a natural phenomenon of the elements.
However, on the days of the celebration of St. Michael, the ripples of the water surface recede, exposing the bottom around the abbey.
And one thing becomes clear to everyone - the elements are divine and accurate, even if it sometimes seems to us that everything is sudden and unexpected!
This has long been known in conscious worlds.
They watch over us from the inside, like God the Father, trying to make all our souls akin to themselves, in a single beat of beating hearts.
The battle of St. Michael with the dragon (himself) lies in the remains of two chapels on which this temple rose.
What was revealed to me in my own wanderings and visions - I told you too ...

Canvas. Oil. 60x70
April 2023