This is a whole conveyor belt for the manufacture of Universes. Each ball contains one or more elements that fall through the tube-tunnels into the common chamber from below. In the lower oval there are half-ships of the half-pyramid, one above the other, floridly repeating the movement, circling in a spiral, repeating one of the Formulas of the Universe. These pyramids are hexagons - symbols of the Higher Circle of Realizations, described in the author's books - getting rid of karmic lessons. Just hide one of the corners, and the hexagon turns into a five-pointed star. The duality of perception of the lower side of the Oval prompts one to think - we see people in a round ship-chair, or is it a skull left on the surface. A little further away - is it a cemetery in the moonlight, or is it a city flooded with sunbeams ?! A huge number of images forces them to be built into logical chains. But, after some time, the realization comes that the conveyor is already working, and there is no chaos in this world. It is completely controlled by the Measure, which fills the central containers, one of which gives out, like a beacon, a thin ray of light, which is our Consciousness, trying to highlight the darkness from which everything is born ... And therefore, in one of the spheres there are many eyes, penetrating through a tunnel into multi-colored human bodies, adjacent to the fingerprint, hands, emotions and many other spheres that form in the sleeping Mind a picture that hides the conveyor ...

Canvas. Oil. 80x110
March 2019

Section: Moments