Nosha Simona

And it is destined to draw so many meanings in the history of Christ,
That wisdom overwhelms us throughout our lives,
And we are only surprised by our insights.
Here is a canvas that has been soaked in the paint of Genesis.
It depicts Jesus Christ and Simon of Cyrene, who was a moment ago in a crowd of onlookers.
What does he care about a madman carrying his cross for execution?!
If Christ had not fallen beside him, the world would have favorably left his fate in non-existence.
But, it happened.
And the cross is carried by the wrong one, and he doesn’t care about the chopping block.
And there is no compassion, for the path without redemption is terrible.
This is how we strive to make the path easier for someone, sometimes without realizing our guilt and destiny.
Meanwhile, throughout our lives, on the way we meet crucifixes and those who drive us to Golgotha.
And to be in the crowd of onlookers, alas, we will not succeed in any way, since in our life we carry our cross.
The only question is who next puts his shoulders under the blows?!
They are often unaware that for the sake of this meeting we have to fall.
And therefore, we heal our soul, studying in our compassion for Christ any passion.
And we become more humane while we live ...

Canvas. Oil. 92x143
March 2023