In difficult times for everyone,
who tries to hear the broadcast with his heart,
The muezzin performs the azan
calling the whole world to prayer.
There is no evil in her, and no desire for revenge for those
Whom the Almighty called to Himself according to His will.
It doesn't matter how we leave.
The main thing is what we bring with us and leave behind!
And it’s good if these are good deeds and humanity.
If not, then there are tears of regret in the eyes of all the prophets.
And our souls are returned to this earth into bodies,
which we offended and did not repent of it before the Almighty!
This is the principle of karma!
Every time our children get injured,
If we are lazy and stop being Human!
For centuries, moments, years and years!
Our every breath is His wish!
Don't waste your money on excuses!
He sees everyone and you cannot run away from Him!
Worship in prayer is like a sigh, a word, a seal!

Canvas. Oil.
68x96 November 2023